The Epipage 2 cohort was set up and implemented by INSERM unit 953 (epidemiologic research in perinatal, women's, and children's health) in collaboration with Perinatal epidemiology and childhood disabilities, Adolescent health research team, part of INSERM-U1027 Center for epidemiology and analyses in Public Health, and the clinical and research teams in the participating regions.

Regional coordination

In each of the 25 regions, a regional coordination group is responsible for setting up and coordinating the study at the regional level. Its members include scientific supervisors and the regional coordinator.

Study collaborators

The Epipage 2 team thanks all the staff in the obstetric /gynecology and neonatology departments who contributed to the smooth execution of the study in their departments and to the perinatal data collection.

National coordination

The national coordinating group includes the principal investigator, 2 coordinators, 3 statisticians, 1 data manager and 1 administrative assistant. A group of epidemiologists is consulted for questions about the organization of the survey and the choices of scientific priorities.


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