During the study, we send informaion about it to both parents and doctors: progress, contact information, results, and other relevant news.

Epipage 2 newsletters


NLCovid Juillet

Letter to parents : Juillet 2020



Letter to parents : Mai 2020



Letter to parents : January 2019



Letter to parents : October 2018


NL Avr2018

Letter to parents : April 2018


NL Sept2017

Letter to parents : Results at 2 years - September 2017


NL Aout2017

Letter to parents : August 2017


NL2 Epipage2


Letter to parents : January 2016



Letter to parents : June 2014


Letter to parents: First contact for 1-year follow-up, May 2012


Letter to doctors: First contact for 1-year follow-up, May 2012


Epipage 1 newsletters


Several results at 5 years


Several results at 2 years


Several results about the first year


The Epipage study: where are we now?



Several results about birth and returning home



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