The family advisory group

The Epipage-2 team set up a group to collect feedback from parents as well as their suggestions for future aspects of the project, asking them especially about the topics they would like to see covered at later stages of the follow-up.

Moreover, given that the children will soon be old enough to participate themselves in the study, it seemed important to us to ask the families their thoughts about how best to involve the children more directly in the years to come.

We consult the family advisory group occasionally about topics related to the study, with very short surveys by internet or by mail.

In February 2019, we asked the 17 families who had agreed to participate in this group to complete a short online questionnaire, totally anonymous, about:

  • parents' feelings about the follow-up, including the health examination at 5½ years and its organization,
  • the type of results parents would like to see emerge from the data collected then,
  • parents' opinions about the school survey to come.

They were mostly satisfied with the examinations conducted at the follow-up at 5½ years, although it had seemed a little long to some of the children.

They also described some topics that they would like to see considered in upcoming analyses. We will look into them at the next stage of follow-up.

groupe parents

If your child participates in the Epipage-2 study and you would like to join the family advisory group, let us know by sending us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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