Follow-up at 2 years

Recruitment Period

The second stage of follow-up, at the age of 2 years, began in April 2013 and finished in June 2014.

For this stage, we are sending questionnaires to all the families included in the first year follow-up, regardless of whether they completed that questionnaire, as long as they had not stated their refusal to participate in the follow-up. During this stage, we are collecting data simultaneously from parents (by a questionnaire similar to the one they received in the first stage) and from the physician treating the child.

Follow-up at 1 year

Period of Follow-up at 1 Year

The first stage of the 1-year follow-up began in April 2012.

This stage includes all families whose child was discharged alive from the neonatology department, who were informed of the methods of follow-up during their child's hospitalization in the neonatology department, and who did not explicitly refuse to participate in the follow-up.

Perinatal data collection

Recruitment period

This study included all births (livebirths, stillbirths, and terminations of pregnancy) that occured from 22 to the end of 34 weeks of gestation, from March 28 to December 31, 2011, after the families were informed.

We adapted the recruitment period to the term at birth so that we would have enough cases of each of the different types of preterm births to be able to reach statistically valid conclusions.

Complementary projects

Several projects complementary to the Epipage 2 study are being conducted among subgroups of the cohort. Additional investigations were performed to meet the particular objectives of these projects.

The recruitment of these subgroups took place in centers that volunteered to participate in these studies. The staff recruiting subjects provided specific information about them to the families before asking them if they were willing to participate.

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