Follow-up at 2 years

Recruitment Period

The second stage of follow-up, at the age of 2 years, began in April 2013 and finished in June 2014.

For this stage, we are sending questionnaires to all the families included in the first year follow-up, regardless of whether they completed that questionnaire, as long as they had not stated their refusal to participate in the follow-up. During this stage, we are collecting data simultaneously from parents (by a questionnaire similar to the one they received in the first stage) and from the physician treating the child.

Number of Subjects

4199 children were included in this 2-year stage.

Data Collected

This questionnaire, addressed to and to be completed by the parents, allowed us to collect information about the children's life and health during their second year of life: growth, child care arrangements, medical care, food, and sleep. We were especially interested in their language, behavior, and overall development.
We also continued tu study the mothers' health and their family and work situations

We are also asked a doctor who was caring for the child for more specific medical information, especially about the types of diseases that occurred during this second year and about the child's psychomotor development.



Methods of Collection

Around the child's second birthday, the regional coordinator sent two questionnaires to the parents:

-          a parental self-administered questionnaire: to complete, using information from the health record booklet.

-          a doctor questionnaire, to give to the child's doctor to fill out at the next consultation.

The parents could complete the questionnaire on line, by the internet, using access codes (login /password), or on paper, using child's health record booklet. The access codes were sent to the parents by e-mail and/or by mail.

In the case of twins or triplets, a questionnaire was to be completed for each child. Nonetheless, the part entitled "Questions for the mother", starting on page 14, was to be filled out only once.

Parents could ask for help completing the form from a family member, their physician, their specialized child-care attendant at the PMI or their regional coordinator (by telephone).

If they have moved or have problems connecting online or for any question related to filling out the questionnaire, the parents could contact their regional coordinator.


Current Status

The 2-year follow-up is finish and date were coding in our study base for futur research studies.

Total, 87 % of children participated and 85 % of doctors.



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