National coordination

The national coordinating group includes the principal investigator, 2 coordinators, 1 statistician, 1 data manager,1 clinical research assistant and 1 administrative assistant. A group of epidemiologists is consulted for questions about the organization of the survey and the choices of scientific priorities.


Pierre-Yves ANCEL   Principal investigator

National coordinator
Hadidja MMADI-ABDOU Data Manager
Laetitia MARCHAND-MARTIN Statistician
Anass RTIMI Data Manager
 Véronique DELORMEL Administrative assistant

       To contact us

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         Tél : 01 56 01 71 85

Epidemiologists : Catherine ARNAUD (INSERM U1027), Béatrice BLONDEL (INSERM U1153), Florence BODEAU-LIVINEC (INSERM U1153, EHESP), Marie-Laure CHARKALUK (INSERM U1153), Laurence FOIX-L'HELIAS (INSERM U1153), Jeanne FRESSON (INSERM U1153), François GOFFINET (INSERM U1153), Monique KAMINSKI (INSERM U1153), Gilles KAYEM (INSERM U1153), Babak KHOSHNOOD (INSERM U1153), Véronique PIERRAT (INSERM U1153), Marie-Josèphe SAUREL-CUBIZOLLES (INSERM U1153), Jennifer ZEITLIN (INSERM U1153)


The Epipage 2 study is conducted by the Obstetrical, Perinatal and Pediatric Epidemiology Research Team, directed by Dr Pierre-Yves ANCEL. This team is part of the Center for Epidemiology and Biostatistics (INSERM U1153), Paris-Descartes University, Paris, France.

This research team's mission is to increase the knowledge available to define and apply effective practices and policies in the domains of perinatal, women's, and children's health. This team is working on 5 different themes:

1. Perinatal health and care in the general population

2. Severe maternal morbidity

3. The causes and consequences of preterm birth

4. Congenital anomalies

5. Clinical epidemiology of routine practice in pediatrics.



Bâtiment Recherche - Hôpital Tenon
4, rue de la Chine 75970 Paris Cedex 20