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The governing bodies of the Epipage 2 cohort are the following :

  • The Steering Committee is the study's supervisory body. It comprises epidemiologists, pediatricians, obstetricians, and other specialists as needed. It has scientific and organizational responsibility for the study.
  • The Scientific Committee is a smaller group of epidemiologists, pediatricians, and obstetricians who help in making decisions for scientific choices.
  • The Data Access Group (DAG), composed mainly of statisticians and data managers , provides technical support to the Scientific Committee, especially by assessing the technical eligibility of analysis plans and ensuring follow-up of the data files transmitted.

Permanent members of the Steering Committee:
PY Ancel, C Arnaud, N Bednarek, V Benhammou, A Bedu, A Beuchée, B Blondel, P Boileau, A Burguet, MJ Butel, G Cambonie, R Carbajal, S Châlons, ML Charkaluk, O Claris, V Datin-Dorrière, C D'Ercole, T Debillon, M Dreyfus, X Durrmeyer, A Ego, A Favre, A Favreau, L Foix L'Hélias, J Fresson, C Gire, F Goffinet, M Granier, B Guillois, X Hernandorena, E Janky, PH Jarreau, M Kaminski, G Kayem, B Khoshnood, B Langer, A Lapillonne, B Lecomte, A Leke, D Lemery, L Marchand-Martin, L Marpeau, S Marret, J Matis, A Morgan, JB Muller, V Pierrat, J Pignol, A Poulichet, D Ramful, M Rebola, PY Robillard, JM Rosenthal, F Rouget, J Rousseau, JC Rozé, E Saliba, S Samperiz, D Subtil, H Torchin, G Thiriez, P Truffert, F Vendittelli, R Vieux, J Zeitlin.