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In October through November 2020, we asked families of children included in the Epipage 2 study to participate in a school survey for fourth-year primary school (CM1) classes.

This survey, initially planned between May and July 2020 (end of Year 3), was postponed after the lockdown and then partial reopening of schools.

Nonetheless, the particular conditions of schools in recent months and the difficulties encountered by some families make an evaluation of the learning supposed to have been acquired by the end of Year 3 (CE2) even more relevant.

This new stage is conducted jointly with another epidemiologic birth cohort study that began with ours: Elfe (French longitudinal study from childhood, www.ELFE-france.fr) has been following up the children born at term in 2011 with methods similar to those of Epipage 2. We will be focusing on your children's learning in its entirety, including its success, orientation, and school problems, as well as interaction with other children. 

Our long-term objective is to provide public authorities and education professionals with new food for thought about, for example, the effects of schooling on children's development.

We asked teachers to do short fun exercises in French and math. The teachers also had children complete a short questionnaire about their well-being in school. 

The authorities of each academic district, school heads, and teachers were informed early on about this survey, which was authorized by the Ministry of Education.
This data collection was approved by the CERES (TPS 682835) and the CNIL (DR-2020-355).