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Thanks to the quality and relevance of the information you shared with us about your children over the years, we obtained an additional funding to allow us to consider other follow-up steps. We will therefore be happy to see you and your child, very soon, for their 10th birthday.

This new stage represents a major challenge for the study. Indeed, children have grown up, left early childhood and will be able, for the first time, if you agree, to be questioned directly about their daily lives, their aspirations and their relationships with others.

As usual, you and your child will be free to accept or refuse to participate in this new follow-up step.

Planned data collection

  • 1st step: a telephone interview, to ask you questions about your child’s health.
  • 2nd step: Home visit of a trained investigator. This visit is not mandatory. If you accept it, it will be the opportunity to have a direct first contact with your child, in your presence, of course. We will perform a physical examination of your child (measurements of weight, height, blood pressure) and propose him or her playful activities on tablet to evaluate different aspects of his or her health. Parents will also complete a small online questionnaire to assess their quality of life, among other things.

The whole team is at work to prepare for this new meeting and is looking forward to meeting you again! We are currently waiting for regulatory authorizations that will allow us to know when this step can begin. We will keep you informed very quickly of the start date of this new survey.